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Blessing in Disguise – By Dylan Earl & The Reasons Why

Article written by Kyla Wyllie
One of the many talented groups to come out of Play-Yah Records, Dylan Earl & The Reasons Why add a smooth and country-esque tone to the diverse recordings that take place in Los Angeles’ very own Route 2 Studios. The band’s single, “Blessing in Disguise,” spills it’s western twang into the, previously unreleased, music video (directed by Christopher Macken and produced by Play Yah Records’ Zachary Mouton.)
While the song and the video were both recorded and filmed in the course of a single day, the video is excellently made and portrays a clear story and message to the audience. (You know they did something right when the music video is accepted into the Hollywood Blvd Film Festival.) Ignoring the constant pursuits of one of the recording studio employees, Earl spends the day with his band mates, eating cake, drinking beers, and recording some heart-felt music.
“Sometimes I try to convince myself, that it was a blessing in disguise that you’d left me.” This melodic phrase rings through the fluid and easy guitar riffs, carrying the message that maybe what you want isn’t what’s best for you. This is something that everyone would benefit from realizing, but nevertheless, this “country folk” tune has got us rethinking everything.
This is just one track that can be found on the group’s Bandcamp, if you liked this song make sure to give the other’s a listen.

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