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"A Deeper Connection" -An Interview With Artist Taylor Grey (Inspirations, Future Music, And The Lovesick Tour)

Article written by Kyla Wyllie
Surround a person with music, and you’re bound to create a musician.
Taylor Grey, up and coming singer songwriter, has had a strong love of music her entire life. “Growing up listening to a lot of classic rock, I obviously don’t sing classic rock because I can’t do that, but I really think there’s a lot of music around my house, so I have strong influences in that way,” she tells us in our interview. With The Eagles being her all time favorite band, Grey notes that “a lot of under the radar, true singer songwriters” have had huge impacts on her sound, one that she describes as, “the slightly uneven winged eyeliner of pop music.” (I think that’s something all girls can relate to on a personal level)
Although Taylor began recording her own songs in high school, she says that she didn’t begin to really take it seriously until she was signed in November. Recently, she joined musicians Jacob Whitesides and Shane Harper for a portion of Jacob’s Lovesick Tour, and will be performing with them again later this summer for the extended dates. She goes on to say, “this tour is honestly one of the greatest, most eye-opening experiences of my life so far. It was so fun, everyone was so nice and welcoming, it was just amazing to perform live on stage and see how people reacted to songs.” She comments on how being on tour has really helped her energy on stage, watching both Jacob and Shane’s performances almost every night to “soak it all up” and “learn from what the pros are doing,” she also acknowledges the fact that “being surrounded by other people my age, who have the same goals and dreams as I do has really helped me as an artist.”
Going into the performing aspect of music, stage presence has a huge impact on how people relate to what you put out. “I think that, when you’re actually on stage and you’re interacting with people, you really feel a connection,” says Taylor. When asked why she believes so many people can relate to her and her music, she replies with, “I honestly don’t know, I’m just a relatable, everyday, average person who loves to sing. I’m like everyone else I guess… I feel very honored everyday.”
It’s one thing to put yourself out there, bare out all you emotions into music, and another to see how other people react to that. “There are these girls who went to a couple of the shows,” Taylor comments, “and they told me on the way to the second one that they looked me up and were learning all the words to my songs so that they could sing along. I was like, ‘what, you’re actually taking the time to do that like that’s…I’m blown away wow I’m so honored.'” It’s truly an amazing thing when someone appreciates what you’ve worked so hard to create, and this goes for any aspect of life, not just music. Maybe you stayed up all night perfecting your essay and your teacher recognizes that hard work, or you made your mother breakfast in bed and see how happy that makes her, it’s those little reactions from others that make you push yourself to be better and learn to have confidence in your own abilities.
Taylor agrees that, as she evolves, so will her music. “I think my sound is taking a new direction, a more meaningful one. My songs are about different more truthful topics in my life now, like there’s one called “Come Back,” about when you want someone to like you but you don’t want to like them back. I don’t know, they’re just different, still pop and songwriter-y but more true to me as an artist now.” Taylor also plans to collaborate with more musicians in some of her future songs, one of which is a duet with Brad Simpson from The Vamps.
Expect great things from this girl in the future, with her new EP, “Mind of Mine” recently released, and a debut album, “Fallin,'” on the way, this is only the beginning of Taylor Grey’s career as an artist. Keep updated on all her releases and shows on her site:
I would like to extend a huge thank you to Taylor, for being so nice and agreeing to talk with us, best wishes from everyone here at Pure Nowhere Magazine!

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