Month: July 2016

"You Just Have To Want It" – An Interview With The Local Musicians Of Sad Muffin

Article Written by Autumn McDonald  Photography by Annika Cimas When you hear the name “Sad Muffin,” if you’re like me, you can’t help but wonder how the group got their name. Story has it that one member was at Souplantation one day and saw a muffin that looked really sad, so they thought, sad muffin! They wrote it down in a folder of potential song titles, later deciding on the phrase as a band name. Band names aside, Sad Muffin consists of four people: Ryan Denny on guitar and vocals, Ava Cavanaugh on bass, Olivia Nattrass on guitar, and Trevor Gallo on the drums. (This interview was conducted whilst Kaylah Saltzman-Bravo was the current drummer for the band) Although the energy between the group is undeniably present, Sad Muffin didn’t always consist of the same members, and as many great bands do, they went through some changes. Despite that, things came back in full circle for these friends, “I was actually in a band with them all before,” says Denny, “but I left that band because …

"A Deeper Connection" -An Interview With Artist Taylor Grey (Inspirations, Future Music, And The Lovesick Tour)

Article written by Kyla Wyllie Surround a person with music, and you’re bound to create a musician. Taylor Grey, up and coming singer songwriter, has had a strong love of music her entire life. “Growing up listening to a lot of classic rock, I obviously don’t sing classic rock because I can’t do that, but I really think there’s a lot of music around my house, so I have strong influences in that way,” she tells us in our interview. With The Eagles being her all time favorite band, Grey notes that “a lot of under the radar, true singer songwriters” have had huge impacts on her sound, one that she describes as, “the slightly uneven winged eyeliner of pop music.” (I think that’s something all girls can relate to on a personal level)

GRL PWR SERIES PT. 1: Four Influential Women In Punk Rock

Our goal with this new segment is to help inspire young women to become more involved in their local scene, or in anything they want to pursue. We need to start encouraging more of our female youth to get out into the world, to fight for what they’re passionate about and make people listen. Let’s shake things up ladies, because anything guys can do, girls can do better.
Here’s my count of four influential women in punk rock.