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"Between The Scale Of Chaos And Control" – An Interview With Local Musician And Producer, Jara

Article written by Kyla Wyllie
Photography by Annika Cimas
“It’s really strange when you can have an emotion and then write a song in your room, you record it and put it out and then it’s not really your song anymore. The only thing that you can completely say is yours, no one else’s, but at the same time share it with everybody, is music.”
Music is played all throughout the world, by a great variety of people. It’s a “universal language that everyone can speak,” as local musician and producer, Jara, tells us in his interview. He then goes on to compare it to a radio; everyone has the ability to tune into the station know as musical talent, some just have bad connection. It’s all a state of mind, believing that you can’t achieve your dream is like the static covering your favorite song. All you have to do is reach out, move around a little, there’s always room to grow. Jara is a perfect model for this, learning to play guitar at the age of nine, then soon writing his own music, he has grown, musically, a substantial amount since he first started. “When I started writing my own music I completely fell in love with it,” but before he was writing music, he’d create stories.
This strong sense of creativity has since grown into all aspects of Jara’s life, especially clothing wise. “Music is really natural for me, but fashion is something that…I love it but I’m also very confused by it. A lot of the times my inspiration comes from films, I have all these ideas of all these different things I want to throw into a look, inspiration from different characters and different settings.” Anyone who has ever seen Jara has noted his unique and spunky clothing choices, maybe this will inspire you to start stepping out of the box and express yourself in new ways? Inspiration can come from anywhere, in any form. Jara goes on to say, “recently I came up with this story, and I’m going to do a book for it (a musician and an author? Come on Jara, save some talent for the rest of us!) . Basically its a record based around the whole vibe of it, and so I have this whole idea of what the kids in the book, or story, would look like so I’m trying to replicate what I see in my head. That is my biggest inspiration for how I’m dressing right now.”
Going back to the topic of music, we ask him about some of his inspirations, and what pushed him to go down the path to becoming an artist. He takes a minute to think about the latter, simply replying with, “I think that me being a weirdo, just being different. I don’t know; I just love like, creating things.” With that, he goes on to tell us about his most influential characters in the music industry, immediately naming Joe Strummer, from The Clash. “He had an extremely bold voice and put a lot of his opinions into his music. While I do pop music, and I don’t really voice political opinions as much, but having that sort of really strong voice stood out to me and inspired me to really want to be an artist that stood for something. Whether it was standing for art itself, standing for love, or making a difference. That really inspired me, but right now I’m also influenced musically by Prince and Michael Jackson, but as a public figure it would be Joe Strummer, and a bunch of punk people in the 70s, or people like David Bowie who just had a really strong impact on the world.
Compared to the majority of the other artists in the San Diego scene, Jara has an extremely different sound, one he names, “funky disco punk astronaut music.” Commenting on this difference, he states, “I’m playing pop music, but it’s still not super conformative if that makes any sense. It’s pop, but it goes between this scale of chaos and control, where I think more pop music is completely controlled. I think I have a contrast that I like to go between, I hope that sets me apart.” And set him apart is exactly what it does, with his disco beats and catchy lyrics, Jara never fails to get the crowd dancing.
Concluding the interview, we ask him which song was the hardest to write, and the answer he gave us was one that Autumn and I were not expecting. “One song that was emotionally challenging for me to write was a song called ‘The Godfather’, which I haven’t released yet, but I’m going to. My first manager, and he passed away out of no where, so I wrote a song about the friendship we had. That was a really hard song to get through writing.”
Pure Nowhere Magazine would like to express a huge thank you to Jara, for opening up to us in our interview. Go check out his new music video for the song, “She Knows,” and keep an eye out for his song, “The Godfather.” Stay updated on his summer shows, trust me, Jara’s performance is one you won’t want to miss out on!


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