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Article written by Kyla Wyllie
Video filmed and edited by Kyla Wyllie
I “wish we could go back to the start” and re-experience the jaw-dropping performance my friends and I were fortunate enough to attend on June 22.
Starting off the night was New York City’s very own, Sunflower Bean (Nick Kivlen: vocals & lead guitar, Julia Cumming: vocals & bass, Jacob Faber: drums). Washing the crowd in their psychedelic melodies and edgy undertones, this trio brings a whole new angle to their old school roots. Keep an eye out for this group, taking over the musical atmosphere with debut album, “Human Ceremony” (2016),  you’ll be seeing more and more of them.
Portugal. The Man (John Baldwin Gourley: vocals, guitar, & organ, Zachary Scott Carothers: bass Kyle O’Quin: keyboard & synthesizers, Eric Howk: guitar, Aaron Steele: drums) followed up the show, holding the crowd in the palm of their hand. At this point, the audience was beginning to “get into the concert groove,” with head-bangers, moshers, and even a few crowd surfers starting to come out of hiding. This collection of talented individuals produce a distinct sound, one which left the hundreds of spectators in awe at the complex and sensational tracks performed; some of which included “Atomic Man,” “Modern Jesus,” “Purple Yellow Red And Blue,” and “Hip Hop Kids,” from their most recent album, “Evil Friends” (2013).
Finally, rounding out the night, headliner, Cage The Elephant (Matt Shultz: lead vocals, Brad Shultz: rhythm guitar & keyboard, Jared Champion: drums, Matthan Minster: keyboard, guitar, Daniel Tichenor: bass). When the lights dimmed announcing their arrival, the entire crowd immediately went into a frenzy in anticipation of the first song. It’s an amazing and powerful thing when hundreds of people can come together over one defining element: music. The energy in the room was off the charts and through the roof, continuously being amped by the infectious and ever-present spirit possessed by Matt Shultz. There was nothing that mattered at that moment besides having fun and getting lost in the music, you could see that instinctive feeling in everyone’s faces of pure enjoyment. Cage The Elephant played a large array of songs from all four of their albums: self titled “Cage The Elephant” (2008), “Thank You, Happy Birthday” (2011), “Melophobia” (2013), and newest album, “Tell Me I’m Pretty” (2015).
Overall it was one of the best shows I have ever been to, Cage The Elephant will forever hold a special place in my heart.
To get more insight into the night, check out a little vlog I put together:


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