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"Make An Impact"- An Interview With Essex Class

Article written by Autumn McDonald
Photography by Annika Cimas
Before Battle of the Bands on the 27th, Kyla and I interviewed the band Essex Class. You may remember their name from the article, “No Breaks” that Kyla wrote about their one year anniversary, and their brief commentary in the general “The Battle To Play Warped Tour” article.

This time around with Essex Class, we asked a few questions about the Battle and their all-around musical performance.
If you read the “No Breaks” article, you know a little bit about the background of the band. When we asked them to tell us once more about how they got together, Ross gave us the short but sweet answer, “we formed in April of 2015, we play hard rock, and Ryan Merrill has luscious hair.” (Which is obviously true). Kyla then asked what they all consider to be a successful show, and a common consensus was “when people come up to us and tell us that we played good, or they liked how we sounded.” Also, “when we sell more than one t-shirt.” Despite that statement, when I looked around in the crowd, many of people present  were showing their support by wearing Essex Class shirts, especially the new sailor girl design.
We asked every band whether or not they had any “pre-show rituals.” Ross took the lead in stating, “We huddle up, in like, a group huddle, and we pray.” Another member added, “to Krishna.” Ross laughed and added, “To Krishna.” Lance jumped in with a smile and jokingly said, “these two like spank each other,” pointing to Ross and Ryan, “Lance and I just watch.”
“What’s your mindset going into battle of the bands? What do you think it will be like after you perform?” Ryan answered, “The mindset is to play the best show we possibly can. And you know, winning would be awesome, but what’s most important is to play a good show and reach the people who will be there, and really make an impact on everybody.” Andrew chimed in, adding that he would like for it to “lead to a larger fan-base,” and “get the name out there.” Judging by the way the crowd reacted to the music, I would say they were successful in their efforts.
“Whether we win or not, it’s going to be an amazing opportunity for every single band playing,” Martin states. He also added in that he thinks the biggest competition for the winning spot would be Opt Out, or Amaya Lights, “they’re great groups.” In closing remarks he exclaimed, “we wrote a song about a cat,” which we later learned is called “Cheddar.”
If you haven’t read the article about the entire battle, go read it to learn who won, and get some more insight about the night. Every band played great and did not go un-noticed. Essex Class made a great impression and certainly had the receptive energy going with the crowd, they definitely “got their name out there,” as they wished.
For more info on Essex Class, check out their site:
And to listen to some of their music, check out their soundcloud:


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