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"The Melody That Gives You Chills"- An Interview With Indio Romero

Article Written By Kyla Wyllie
“I think a successful song is one that’s able to connect with people. Whether it be the melody that gives you chills, or the lyric that makes you think.”
Indio Romero is a 19 year-old musician from San Diego CA, born and raised. At the age of 10 he received his first guitar, took his first lesson, and shortly after, played his first show at a local coffee shop. Realization hit him hard, knowing from then on what he wanted to spend the rest of his life pursuing. Following up on his dreams, Indio is currently collaborating with some other local personalities and planning his first EP, set to record in the near future.
We asked him to give us some insight into the mind of a musician, the inner workings that are behind success. So if you’re striving to improve your personal sound and creative process, take notes.
The first step to creating a “successful song” is having a completely open and non-judgmental mindset. “It can be easy to judge and be overly critical of yourself when creating something that’s personal and important to you,” says Romero, “but when I set that aside and learn to love what I’m doing, I am able to bring out my ideas with ease.”
However, actually writing a song, getting your ideas onto paper,  is more of a “building block” process filled with rubble and dust. You have to “find a couple chords that melodically please you. Play with them over and over again until you find that you are building on it. From there you can start to write down some words and phrases that are meaningful to you.” Soon enough you will be able to toss aside all the scraps, the lyrics and notes and melodies that just didn’t make the cut, and find a sky scraper. A song that will, hopefully, bring awe and inspiration to all who are willing to listen and learn. There’s a sort of flow to things, and it’s different for everyone who attempts to tackle songwriting. Although many experienced musicians, such as Indio himself, may make it look easy, “it definitely takes knowing your creative side well.”
“I was listening to a live medley song called ‘It’s Alright/For Sentimental Reasons’ by Sam Cooke,” Indio shared with us, “and the infectiousness of the melody made me feel this sort of euphoric wave of energy. I think it was the way everything was played in unison, almost like you could actually feel the emotion coming out in the drums, guitars, bass, horns, and Sam Cooke’s voice. Sometimes melodies can really tap into your emotions deeply, and for me that was one of those times.”
No matter how much experience you have under you belt, there’s always room for improvement. Learn from other people’s mistakes and greatest accomplishments, and most of all, be inspired.
Special thanks to Indio Romero for agreeing to do this interview with us, and giving such well written responses. Make sure to keep an eye out for his EP, and follow along for future shows on our site.
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(Photo received via Indio Romero)

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