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"A Little Extra Zinger" – An Interview with Arigato Amigo

Article by Kyla Wyllie
“Arigato Amigo was kind of a joke between Ryan Frailich and I. I’d always end my texts with that, and I had been looking for a name for a long time. This just seemed to fit perfectly. Ironically, all of the songs on my EP are based off of former friendships and relationships, so being called ‘Thank You Friend’ is a little extra zinger.”
Playing music since the ripe age of eight, Cameron Burt has officially entered the local music scene under the alias, “Arigato Amigo.” (See one of our previous articles, reviewing his debut  music video for the song, “Bless Your Cosmic Heart.”)
This new musician is literally spilling with talent, playing almost all brass instruments, keys, most strings, some drums, bass, and French horn. (ALL self taught!) Cameron was definitely born to be a musician, and knew that, once he started, music was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. However, original music wasn’t created until his high school years.
“I wrote all of this stuff after a shitty breakup,” says Arigato Amigo. “It made me realize how unhappy I was with myself. After everything was done, I took a step back and tried to focus on what I loved and what made me happy. I got rid of a lot of toxic people in my life, and made some amazing friends like Ryan, Mel, Jake, and Bella (The Aquadolls). I went vegan. I wrote a lot of poems and scripts and such. I want to put forth the best of me, this music was really the catalyst for that,” he tells us in the interview.
That’s one of the golden things about music, it can really give you a new perspective on things and help you further yourself. Music makes people, it can bring great masses of complete strangers together, over a message or a melody. “Music has that effect on people because it’s both relatable and interpretative.” One song can be heard a thousand different ways, and can mean a thousand different things, and touch a thousand different people. There’s nothing else like it.
“I hope that at least one person listens to one of my songs, hears empathy in it, and inspires them to do something great.”
Many different artists have had this effect on Cameron, such as Portishead, Damon Albarn, Bloc Party, Phantogram, and many more. However, his two biggest inspirations are Sam Herring and William Cashion. All of these musicians have helped him shape his musical style, a sound he refers to as, “synth-punk.”
His songs mainly showcase bass, “almost every song has three or more bass tracks, the rest is keys. The sound I can get from that pairing is brutal and I love it,” he says, “really Trent Reznor-y.” However, his love of jazz really shows through in his pieces, especially in the song, “Bless Your Cosmic Heart.” Burt goes on to say that “jazz is what really changed everything,” giving a nice little twist in his otherwise “synth-punk” vibes.
Every artist sends a different message into the world, whether it be through actions or words. “I hope people see that, yeah, shitty stuff happens in life sometimes, but there’s so much good to counteract it. We have the ability to take something that brought us down to our lowest point and use it to better ourselves and make something great.”
When asked what he plans on doing in the future, Cameron simply replies with, “I’m just going to keep writing, look for inspiration everywhere, play some shows, meet new people, and have a fun time. Take it all in.”
Just enjoy the ride, and go where the music takes you, we’ll be here waiting for your next song. Thank you for doing this interview with is, Arigato Amigo.
(He would also like to put out a big thank you to Zak Mouton. Make sure to check out his music at )
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