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"Spiritual Pop" – An Interview With Ryan Frailich

Article written by Kyla Wyllie
Interview conducted by Kyla Wyllie & Autumn McDonald 
On May 3rd Autumn and I chatted with Ryan Frailich, a member of The Aquadolls, and asked him a few questions about this new solo career he’s pursuing.
“I hope that my fans can take away a deeper, more natural and spiritual nostalgic vibe,” says Frailich, enlightening the listeners through the lyrics and instrumentals. When asked to put a name on his style of music, a back and forth going’s of “pop production” and the “real instrumental sound,” he claimed it’s “spiritual pop.” You can expect a lot of acoustic/electric guitar, tambourine, and reverb vocals in his new sound.
We asked him if he could give us any hints as to what his debut song is going to be about, but only gave us the short, sweet, and painfully vague answer,”It’s going to be about life and love.”
Being preoccupied with the band, he hasn’t had the chance to focus on his own sound, but has recently decided that he is going to tackle both. That’s right all you Aquadolls fans, Ryan will NOT be quitting the band to be a soloist, it’s the best of both worlds. For about four years he’s toyed with the idea of making his own music, but now he’s just diving right in and just doing it. When asked if he plans on collaborating with anyone in the future, he exclaims, “I would love to collaborate with someone and I just might now that you mention it!” So when that collab song is stuck in your head, just remember, you have Pure Nowhere Magazine to thank for that.
Ryan always knew he wanted to be a musician. Many musical artists inspired him to follow this dream, such as John Frusciante from The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Devendra Banhart & Joanna Newsom, Animal collective, and Panda Bear. Once out of high school, he went to college and is currently working at a recording studio, producing people who possess the same love of music. His job gave him a better insight into the behind the scenes aspect of making music that many people aren’t able to see. “Getting to watch other artists and bands just record their songs and not over think it, has really helped me to go ahead and start recording myself,” says Ryan.
However, the things he wished he had known more about before going into the music industry was contracts and attorneys. Yes, all you wannabe musicians out there, there’s more to making music for a living then just MAKING music. You have to “be your own boss and control your own vision,” more than anything else. “You can’t care and have to do what you want to do.”
He explains that the lifestyle of a musician is simply doing something you love, creating art, not only for other people but for YOU. It’s the transfer of ideas and your enhanced emotions into music to make something beautiful. Ryan currently is just trying to focus on writing and recording, getting his thoughts out into the world. “I just hope people dig the music.”
Trust me Ryan, everyone’s going to fall in love with your new music. Can’t wait to hear, best of luck from everyone here at Pure Nowhere Magazine.

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