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Lucia at Soma SD 4/8/16

Passage written by Kyla Wyllie
Photography by Annika Cimas
Let’s try to “recreate the lucid scene” that local band, Lucia, created at their show April 8th at Soma SD. It was their first show at Soma since the year started, but this group definitely knew how to get the crowed pumped, regardless of the tempo of the song being performed. Even though the spotlight for the night was on Leave The Universe, Lucia made an A1 impression on new listeners, and kept their previous fans wanting more. With their unique sound presenting a slightly eerie feel, the crowd ate up the poetic lyrics paired with lead singer, Christopher Fridrich’s, soulful voice. Throw in the surprise fill in by Lords And Wolves and you’ll be trying to not “wash away all the symptoms” of the night “that you felt so connected to.”
Shoutout to all the other acts that performed: Leave The Universe, After The Fall, Amaya Lights, Bakkuda, and From Chaos And Heaven.
Make sure to check out for more info on future shows and releases.
(Drummer: Colin Sullivan, Lead Singer: Christopher Fridrich, Guitar: Kieran Allen, Bass & Guitar fill in: Lords And Wolves )
(Annika Cimas Photography: Facebook, Instagram)

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